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MYSAFESPACE is a schedule + chat portal that connects you to asatizahs in Singapore easily. You can get personalised responses to religious queries from the comfort of your homes, conveniently and anonymously.


All our advisors has the Asatizah Recognition Scheme Certification (ARS). Hence, they are all certified to teach Islam and answer questions pertaining to religious concerns in Singapore.

Each session is 15 minutes long and must be pre-booked at least 24 hours prior. There are no limitations to the number of sessions that you can book but of course, do leave some slots to others who might need it!

Kindly take note that not all the asatizahs are certified counsellors. If you require counseling, do seek professional assistance. Our asatizahs will provide their opinions based on their knowledge and understanding. In shaa Allah. 

We take your privacy very seriously, all questions asked is anonymous. 

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